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We are the Southern Missouri and Arkansas Authorized Dealer for the Lewis Cattle Oiler

The Lewis Cattle Oiler provides time saving effective control of all major cattle pests year round. By controlling pests the easy and convenient “Lewis Way” the cost per animal is minimal and because it is a self treatment system you eliminate the stress factor caused by extra trips through the chute that other control methods require.

The Lewis Cattle Oiler applies a topical insecticide down the hide as your livestock satisfy their natural instinct to scratch. The insecticide on the cattle’s coat kills all pests on contact. The Lewis Cattle Oiler allows year long re-treatment full strength to kill pests.

Horn Fly resistance to ear tags has caused some chemical companies to suggest the use of 2 ear tags and this can double your costs and also doubles the risk of infection.

Any one-time control product, for any pest, is risky but when you study the life cycle of lice you realize how much you increase the risk of herd re-infestation.

Remember, nits hatch every day and even if all of the nymphs and adult lice are killed with the one-time application, they will have left behind nits that will be hatching every single day for up to 21 days.

Most topical insecticides leave a residue that will continue to kill the nymphs as they hatch; but if it rains or the residual doesn’t last a full 21 days, lice may reappear. That is why you see louse re-infestations in the middle of winter after a one-time fall treatment.No cattleman wants to see any animal become re-infested with lice but for the cow/calf operator, it is a real dilemma. Do you risk running your heavily pregnant cows through the chute again or take the losses of a louse-infested cow raising a louse-infested calf?

The Lewis Cattle Oiler is effective in controlling both orders of lice. It makes available the kind of year-long treatment that’s required to effectively control both chewing and sucking lice. Furthermore, not just the initial control of adults and nymphs but also the ongoing re-treatment that’s required to continue to kill the new lice as they hatch from the nits the adults left behind.

Also, unlike the systemic louse control products, which should not be used when grubs are in the esophagus or spinal canal due to host-parasite reactions, the Lewis Cattle Oiler can be used all year long – even with dairy cattle.

The Lewis Cattle Oiler also provides effective control of the major summer cattle pests. Face flies, blood feeding horn and stable flies and mosquitoes are all controlled when they land on your cattle and come into contact with the insecticide from the Lewis Cattle Oiler.

Effective Control Without Over-Treatment

The wick holds the oil ready for treatment. As your cattle satisfy their natural instinct to scratch, they compress the wick against the center chain. Drops of oil are squeezed out and spread as your cattle scratch.

While they are scratching the adjustable pump recharges the wick. You get effective control without over-treatment. Also the 8-chain harness provides extra protection for the wick and an aggressive scratching surface for your cattle.

Highway H Ranch 
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Lewis Cattle Oiler

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